USB-UIRT not receiving signals from remote

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USB-UIRT not receiving signals from remote

Postby tvjunkie » Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:48 am

Everything was working fine until the last few days. Now my Hauupauge remote signals aren't being received. At first I thought I just needed to replace the remote batteries, but the batteries tested good in another remote, new batteries made no difference, and a check with a digital camera showed that the remote was producing signal. I also tried with a second Hauppauge remote, which also emitted signal but had no effect. I'm not getting any red lights on the USB-UIRT panel, and when I use the Sage command to map signals it doesn't see any signals coming in, no matter how close I put the remote to the receiver.

The code-emitting function of the USB-UIRT is working ok, sending appropriate signals to my Comcast DTA via Sage.

Note also that the Hauppauge remotes don't have different modes (TV/VCR/DVD, etc.) that if set in correctly would send signals intended for a different device, so that isn't the problem.

XP Pro sp2; Sage 6.61, Hauppauge tuners & remote
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Postby AdmSaltyDog » Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:10 pm

Good luck with getting support here. There used to be two moderators. One hasn't posted anything in 3 years; the other never posted at all. Almost all the posts are from spammers and sending an email to "support" will probably not get a reply.
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