USB-UIRT configuration for HTPC with Harmony One

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USB-UIRT configuration for HTPC with Harmony One

Postby Ilan » Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:14 pm

Hi guys.

My new system:
HTPC computer
Win XP
J. River media center software rev 13
Harmony One remote IR from Logitech.

My question:
How to configure the USB-UIRT and Harmony One to work and control the HTPC.

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Postby MrLobster » Wed May 25, 2011 3:15 am

First I would recommend using XBMC as media center of choice.

However if you don't want to use XBMC, i'll give a quick run through using "IR Server Suite" (IRSS).

Even though IRSS is for Mediaportal, you can use its "Translator" program to send key presses to windows.

1) Plug in your USB-UIRT.

2) Install the USB-UIRT drivers from the website.

3) Download IRSS from the Mediaportal forum and install it (you may need a reboot after the install).

4) Right click the IRSS server icon in the icon tray and click "Configuration" (should be a green bubble with "IR" in the middle).

5) Scroll and find USB-UIRT and click the "receive column" check box for the USB-UIRT and close the config (the IRSS service will restart).

6) Find the "translator" program from "Start -> All Programs -> IRSS".

7) Under the programs tab, click the "green plus" to setup a new application.

8) Name it what ever media software your using (easier to remember that way). Select the location of the exe file for the media software. Click OK.

9) Select the Media software on the programs tab, and you will see a list view below.

10) Click "New" and press a button on the remote. Give it a description as to what the button does.

11) Select "Keystrokes" tab. Now this was the part that had me stumped for a few hours. While letters and numbers worked by just typing them in, items like "Spacebar" and the "Enter" key, would not show up.

I figured out that using VK_ codes was the way to go (Google VK codes to find a list of them). So for the "Pause" button I typed in "VK_SPACE". But that still didn't work.

Another few hours went by and on the toilet I had an epiphany, using curly brackets.

So putting it like this "{VK_SPACE}" seems to make it work.

12) So repeat steps 10 - 12 for all the buttons you need.

13) You can set the "System Wide" program to use keys like the arrows

NOTE: You must close the "Translator" after you finish, otherwise it will not recognize IR inputs, many a frustrating hour occurred because of that.

NOTE 2: I setup my Harmony One IR codes using a random remote that I no longer used.

You can also copy and paste this into an xml file and load it into "Translator" and just remap the IR codes.
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