Two questions from a Noob...

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Two questions from a Noob...

Postby darthmaul39 » Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:00 pm

I have been a standard cable subscriber for quite a few years and have used BeyondTV with it. I recently went to Dish and got the 322 satellite receiver that has a dual tuner. The satellite box and PC are in a closet behind the TV.

One remote is IR, the other is UHF/IR so I've got it setup so that the UHF remote (TV2) is the one I use at my TV, since the TV is on the other side of the wall from the satellite box . The IR only (TV1) tuner is hooked to my PC.

First Question: I'm assuming, but asking anyway...when the blaster is programmed using the IR only (TV1) remote, the satellite box will be able to tell the difference when the blaster sends signals to it, correct? I know the satellite box recognizes the two different remotes, but will the blaster re-create this behavior if programmed from the IR only (TV1) remote?

Second Question: The tech that installed my Dish tuned the TV to 73 (TV2) to view my Dish channels and said that the PC (TV1) will need to be tuned to 3 to receive the channels. How does this work with the blaster? Does the blaster first tune to 3 and then input the desired channel from BeyondTV?

Just a little new and confused. Been recording standard cable TV for so many years that I'm behind in the Satellite technology and how it interoperates with the PC world and home built PVR's.

Thanks for any attention this gets. I haven't ordered yet and was waiting to get a few answers before I did...

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Postby canoewhiteh2o » Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:12 pm

I don't use BeyondTV so I can't be of help there. But the USB-UIRT will learn the IR from your IR remote - the USB-UIRT won't be able to work with your UHF remote. Once you have learned the signals from your IR remote, the USB-UIRT will be able to transmit a duplicate signal, in essence a simple replacement for your IR remote.

The IR (Dishnetwork) remote should be used to learn signals for the satellite box, and your TV remote should be used to learn signals for your TV. Typically your TV remote would be used to change the channel to 73 and then the dishnetwork remote will be used to change satellite channels. The USB-UIRT will need to transmit the learned TV signal for changing the channel to 73 and the learned satellite signals for controlling the satellite box.

Learned signals for the TV remote to control the TV, and learned signals from the Dishnetwork emote to control the satellite box.
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