Solved: Struggled with USB-UIRT, IR/remote since x64 RTM...

Issues relating to installation of your USB-UIRT device.

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Solved: Struggled with USB-UIRT, IR/remote since x64 RTM...

Postby prodevel » Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:37 am

Worked flawlessly under the RC...

I've spent half of the last month dealing w/this remote and a bad drive. Bad drive is solved w/an RMA and a new drive.


Hauppauge 1850 (w/MCE remote)

USB-UIRT Transceiver (IR receiver/2 transmitter 1/8" mono connects. I'm only using one to control my Motorola STB)

Tried new installs of win7 home premiume, different combo's of USB-UIRT/FTID drivers etc. Until today. I STUMBLED across a MS hotfix (KB978044) that has fixed all my USB-UIRT woes.


The first couple of weeks (months in the case of win7 RC) the unit would work perfectly. Then, slowly MS wouldn't recognize the input. Who knows why - toward the end I'd mash buttons on the remote and eventually it would give-in and start working, strangely enough. Eventually it would quit altogether.


I've now applied hotfix KB978044 and for tonight, mind you, it's working flawlessly, even after sleep. I've let MS configure this device in the past via wmc etc. I've never been able to get the USB-UIRT and/or FTDI drivers to work.

I've got Win7 64 Home Premium on an E6850@3.0, Crucial Ballistix @ 1066, ati 3850 OC'd a bit, and p5e3 deluxe mobo

I wish I could have read more about the hotfix but it was just too specific not to try...

so, technically, plug it in and let win7 do it's Microsoft eHome IR Transceiver install. (restart maybe,) then do the hotfix.
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Back to square one after a windows update

Postby prodevel » Thu May 20, 2010 8:23 pm

Worked for a while, then intermittently worked for the last few days, and now dead to the world. That was with win drivers and a particular KB patch, above.

I'm unable to install usb-uirt win7_x64 drivers due to a ms-detected hang during install. Hangs CPU so badly I have to reboot even after closing driver/install windows. Couldn't even enable/disable a net adapter while it hung, but could run programs s l o w l y on a dual core 3.0 w/4gb. :x

Wish there were instructions or a readme as to the correct installation method(s) for the uirt driver even though I suspect I'm doing it correctly.......
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finally gave up and bought this

Postby prodevel » Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:34 pm

and it works great. native win7 driver installed automatically ... mce_remote
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