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Learn from NES satellite?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:19 am
by Mister Nobody
First post and hi folks:

Ok I don't actually own the usb-uirt yet but I have a question.

There is a peripheral for the Nintendo NES called the NES satellite which allows you to connect gamepads to a transmitter, which uses IR signals to send the control actions to an IR receiver that plugs into the NES system. Link:

I am wondering if usb-uirt would be able to learn the signals coming from the transmitter part. If so, could I then map them to keypresses using girder or such?

What would be the likelyhood that usb-uirt would be able to pick up the various signals coming from the NES satellite transmitter unit? All I know is that it does indeed use IR not RF technology (built in 1989).

Thanks for any insight on this.