Girder Plugin v5.2.6 and USB-UIRT firmware v5.4 now posted

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Girder Plugin v5.2.6 and USB-UIRT firmware v5.4 now posted

Postby jrhees » Sat May 03, 2003 5:32 am

New software for the USB-UIRT has been posted at the web site.

See ...

From the readme:

- New version for USB-UIRT firmware version 5.4
- Support for USB-UIRT's wideband IR detector
- Learning can now detect remote control frequency
- Improvements to Learn Algorithm for extended-timing remotes
- Support for very long Pronto/Raw codes
- Option added to restart USB-UIRT driver on PC Resume


The new USB-UIRT firmware (v5.4 or later) in conjunction
with the new Girder plugin completely overhauls the learning
process. In previous firmware, learning takes place using the
same IR detector as normal reception. This is a long-range
detector which is designed to work across a room, and is not ideal
for learning. The new firmware uses a 'wideband' IR detector which
is built inside the USB-UIRT. This detector is solely for learning
and has a *very* short range. In fact, it is range sensitive and
for it to work your remote will need to be only a few inches from
the USB-UIRT. The wideband detector is located just to the left of
the indicator LED. When learning, you'll need to point your remote
directly at the USB-UIRT and on a level plane. If you're too close
or too far away, the LED on the USB-UIRT will not light up. When
learning, you may want to try learning a few times and
experimenting with the range that works best.
The wideband detector gives very precise information about
the IR signal -- *including* frequency. When learning, you will
see a frequency appear on the learn dialog if you are at a good
range. Also, a signal quality meter helps identify if you're not
aimed properly or at a poor range.

Another change between with firmware versions 5.1 or later
is the way received IR codes compressed. This was to remedy an
issue with some remotes not creating unique codes via USB-UIRT.
With this change, the UIR codes (the 12-digit codes Girder receives
as events when you press a button on your remote) are no longer
the same as those generated by the UIRT2 (which was the method
earlier firmware used). Because of this, if you're upgrading your
firmware you'll either have to a) re-learn your events, or b) Go
to the 'Configuration' page in the Girder plugin, choose the
'Preferences' tab, and check the box labeled 'Generate UIRTx-
Compatible Codes'.

Upgrading your Girder Plugin:
1. Go to the 'Program Files\Girder32\Plugins\' folder.
2. Rename the USBUIRT.dll file to something like USBUIRT.dll.sav (if
you want to keep the old version around)
3. Copy the USBUIRT.dll file from the 'plugins' folder extracted from
this .zip into your Girder plugins folder.

Updating your USB-UIRT Firmware:
If you are also updating your USB-UIRT's firmware,
1. Exit Girder completely.
2. Go to the Firmware v5.4 folder extracted from this .zip
3. Launch the UUFlash.exe file.
4. Press START

Adding Support for 3rd-party software:
Included in this .zip is a API-based driver for the USB-UIRT. This
driver is required for 3rd-party support which is being developed
independently for different software (NetRemote, MainLobby, HouseBot,
HomeSeer, etc.). Future driver downloads will copy this driver DLL
automatically. However, in this update you should copy this file
1. Go to the API Driver folder (in this .zip)
2. Copy the 'uuirtdrv.dll' file to your 'Windows\System' folder (for
windows 2K/XP users, this folder might be 'Winnt\System'.

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Postby clertem » Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:27 pm

I ran UUFlash and i froze at the last step 'Finalizing';
I can't connect to the device anymore,
please heeelp !
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Postby Myth » Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:13 pm

U did know this post about the "new" firmware was made may 2003 right? So you might have tried isntalling an extremely old firmware.
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