HC-SKIPPER, universal remote on PC

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HC-SKIPPER, universal remote on PC

Postby lagommette » Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:03 pm

Hello to all,

Release 4 of HC-SKIPPER is now available for download !

What contains this new version ? Among others, the possibility of pushing much more far the customization of the graphic interface.

· 24 basic buttons (different size, shape and color)
· 3 independent text fields
· Addition of a logo
· 3 possible behavior: normal Functioning (IR or RS232), Call of external programm, Sequence for the numbering of TV channels

The advanced actions can now be of type sequence (or macro). So, a key of a remote control can fire several actions. Indispensable to reach hundreds of channels proposed by the cable, the ADSL etc. but also very practical to seize your code VOD in one step!
A sequence can contain an unlimited number of unitarian actions and one tempo can be defined between each of them.

There is thus material to realize beautiful personalized interfaces while respecting the graphics standards of HC-SKIPPER :)

The HTTP protocol was also added to pilot Freebox via the network and more only in IR.

Other small arrangements(developments) were also added for more comfort and safety(security).

See you soon !

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Postby lagommette » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:51 pm


I have recompiled HC-SKIPPER to make it complient with Windows Vista or Seven 64 bits.

But I do not have one of this OS.

Can someone help me to beta test it ?

Thanks in advance.


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