Girder & IRSS on same machine only one works

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Girder & IRSS on same machine only one works

Postby tytherman » Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:09 pm

I have Girder and IRSS for MediaPortal installed on the same machine and have after much investigative work :? identified that the problem lays with both apps trying to use USB UIRT. Girder is the deafult and works fine but IRSS shows falied to blast in the logs..... I found a forum on the Mediaportal web site and downloaded another DLL that supposedly fixed this, but his issue was not girder and IRSS but eventGhost and IRSS.

If I disable Girder it then works in IRSS.

Is there a way to have both coexist or do I need look at a work around?


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