Controlling sliders in specific software with USB-UIRT

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Controlling sliders in specific software with USB-UIRT

Postby sanderdvd » Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:41 am


I want to achieve something which I have no clue if it is possible. I own a USB-UIRT device, a Logitech Hamony Remote 900 and I use Eventghost. With this combination of hard- and software I am able to do things I want like controlling Media Player Classic and XBMC. These kind of software contain KEYBOARD SHORTCUT possibilities so when I eg. set-up Media Player Classic to PLAY with CTRL+P i can assign a remote button to this via Eventghost. But I have one software package (D-Box software) from which I want to be able to control a few sliders with my Logitech Harmony 900. The problem is that these sliders can be only be adjusted by dragging them with my mouse so no keyboard shortcuts are available for eg. sliders + or slider -

Is there a possibility to have my remote/eventghost/USB-UIRT work so that I can adjust the silders with my remote?

Here s a picture of the sliders I want to control so you guys understand what I want:


Thanks for all input.
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