USB-UIRT red light flashing "alone"

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USB-UIRT red light flashing "alone"

Postby Dodfr » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:42 pm

Hi, today a very strange thing happened.

I am using an USB-UIRT on a netbook, sending infra-red command with the uutx.exe command line.

I use it rarely so I have no scheduled task or any automated tool that would start it by itself.

Nobody was using the netbook, in fact it it used for time-to-time skype and familly photo screensaver and also sending some ifra-red commands to the TV when the remote controller is "lost".

Today I suddendly saw the red light of the USB-UIRT start flashing during a couple of seconds then it stopped also suddenly.

How is this possible ??? No remote control was used at this time.

Is it possible that my new Flat LCD Samsung 37LD340 send any infra-red data that made the USB-IRT flash led activity work ?

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