Homesser does not initialize my USBUIRT

Issues relating to installation of your USB-UIRT device.

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Homesser does not initialize my USBUIRT

Postby pierre » Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:31 pm


I am trying to use a usb-uirt in replacement of a jds-Stargate-IRextender as an IR interface in HSpro 2.4.03
I disabled the Stargate as IR interface
Installed usb-uirt latest driver, device is found and shows in window's system.

After installing the plugin from installer, enabling the device in the interface setup, I got this error at start:

Plug-In - Initializing Infrared interface USB-UIRT Interface on COM 1
Error - Initializing Infrared interface USB-UIRT Interface: Unable to connect to USB-UIRT device! Please ensure device is connected to the computer.
I have tried to move to another usb port, re-installed drivers and plugin, with no success.
I just discovered that I can have Homeseer connect to the device , only if I launch lrhelper.exe BEFORE Homeseer.
Since I could find help with the HS users, has anyone else had the same problems ?
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