Building an external IR Emitter

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Building an external IR Emitter

Postby triksterut » Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:18 am

Hey all,

So I'm no EE but I'm pretty sure after some research that I should be able to purchase a simple IR LED from radio shack (Radio Shack item # 276-0143, high output 5mm Infrared LED) and wire it up to the external emitter port on my USB-UIRT.

Well I did just that; and used a 1/8" stereo plug (274-0284) and wired the anode of the LED to the connectors tip and the cathode to the barrel. I'm only using one of the dual zones so I didn't use one of the barrel connectors.

I've got a good circuit (0 Ohms when closed) and voltage on the wires when I send an IR comment - however it doesn't seem to to do anything. If I put the UIRT device back in front of my cabinet (so it's build in emitters are pointing at the devices) my commands work - but when I use the new IR LED nadda. Do I need to add an in-line resistor or anything? I do notice that the UIRT does not seem to be sending 12v over that wire?

Thanks all :)

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