The first line in a SageTV .ir file

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The first line in a SageTV .ir file

Postby hogburgs » Sat May 22, 2010 4:15 am

Please help me to understand how to edit the first line to fit my systems needs.
I need to know how the first line works.
example: DC50X 0 0 3 600 800

DC50X is the name of the .ir file I created using SageTV setup

0 what does the first number/numbers do?

0 what does the second number/numbers do?

3 what does the third number do? Is this the numbers of digits transmitted? Is the channel number always padded with zero's to be three digits. Channel 5 = 005?

600 what does the fourth number/numbers do?

800 what does the fifth number/numbers do?

I've read the entire thread on Sage forum, "Full USB-UIRT support available ", and have seen references to terms like inter digit delay but no no explanation as to how to properly edit the first line.

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Postby vhurst » Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:45 am

You've probably figured it out by now.

Making changes to these values can simply be done through SageTV's Source Details/TunerControl/Remote Control Options. If you play with the settings in there, you'll be able to see which digits change in the .ir file.

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