USBUIRT on DN receivers

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USBUIRT on DN receivers

Postby lmwashere » Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:55 pm

I am trying to use the USBUIRT to control a Dish DVR-625 from a linuxmce hybrid/core. I have used the admin website to learn the IR codes from my Dish network remote. That part seemed to go smoothly. However when I try to test the codes by sending them from the website, nothing happens on the dish box. None of the commands work at all. This method works for both my television and the AV receiver that my audio goes through.

After unsuccessfully holding the USBUIRT in front of the STB and sending the commands, I plugged an IR blaster onto the back and mounted the emitter end directly over the receiver on the STB. Sadly this did not work either. The USBUIRT and blaster both light up when I send the message.

The only theory that I have is that some of the Dish remotes use the 56k range and I did not get the USBUIRT with the 56k receiver module. However like I said it learned the codes without incident and should broadcast up to 60k according to the website.

Any other thoughts, solutions or tips would be VERY much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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